The office of “Architects Ārgaļi” has been developed on the foundations of “Architect Ārgale bureau” by the act of structural reforms in 2009. The manager of the “Architect Ārgale bureau” was Anda Ārgale. At the moment the new office is owned by two architects – Anda Ārgale & Jānis Ārgalis.
The practical work experience of the office is since 1992 when the “Architect Ārgale bureau” was founded.

Public Building Project Documentation Development

Architectural office carries out public building design project development. From a retail kiosk till a multifunction public center. We also have experience in Hospital, Education, Sports and Bank building design project development. Besides above mentioned we offer to develop also interior projects.

Industrial Building Project Documentation Development

Industrial building project development is a specific field of work where we have gained experience by developing the railway station TURIBA on Graudu Street, Riga. Besides this project we also have developed a manufactury building – sowing workshop on Antenas Street 3, Riga.  

Architectural Monument Restoration

When careering out project documentation for reconstruction projects in architectural monuments, it is a common to come across historically unique architectural details and elements what need to be restored. We have a broad experience with project documentation development for restoration of these elements and details.  

Territory Planning
Architectural office carries out project documentation development for territory detailed planning – territory detailed plans, documentation elaboration for land border changes. The process of territory detailed planning is a time consuming work which requires punctual time schedule obedience and insistent work with different governmental institutions.

Landscape architecture
In landscape design projects we collaborate with specialists to create high quality living environment.    

3D visualization

Architectural office develops 3D models of the designed buildings for clients to better understand how it will look like when it will be built.  Besides we also offer to develop presentation material connected to building and development. 3D visualization is prepared in Sketchup . It is possible also to develop 3D movies which show the projects more realistically – it is possible to walk through and around the digital building.  

Project Expertise
Architectural office offers to carry out other architects project documentation expertise. Certified architect carries out the expertise on basis of the experience and according to the building standards of Latvia.  

Historical and Artistic Exploration
Architectural office has a great experience in carrying out Historical and Artistic Explorations of houses to determine its architectural qualities. In case of every restoration or reconstruction a historical and artistic exploration is carried out.

Project and Quality Management

When carrying out an architectural project a scheme of involved parties is made. That includes such professionals, but not only – heating and cooling engineers, electrical engineers, water supply and wastewater engineers etc. When client negotiates a contract with office of “Architects Argali & Bekere” as a building project manager, we offer to provide the coordination between the parties, high project quality and project completion in negotiated time.